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"I’m not an idiot, Batman. I know I’m not ready, not yet. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop. You know you can’t make me. And just to make it clear… I have no interest in knowing whoever’s under that mask. I don’t want you to be a person…. You’re not supposed to be a peson. You’re supposed to be an idea. But you can’t be that if you’re dead…Batman doesn’t get to die…. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care if you approve of what I’m doing. But I’m doing it because of you. And you can just freaking deal."

I thought the best way to answer your question was with photos.

This is Batman issue 18 and boy does Harper put the bat in his place.

Interestingly enough, her arc reminds me of how Timmy became a Robin back in the day.

Batman: I am solitary man angsting because my partner died and everything I love turns to ash.

Timmy: No way I want to fight crime and be your partner.

Batman: You are young and I will not let you help.

Timmy: But I am determined and you need a partner who can bring you hope.

Batman: Okay I guess you’re right.

And that’s exactly what’s happening here with Harper and Batman.

On one hand, she’s awesome and I love her. On the other hand there’s enough Robin stories and history to pull from other places and other characters instead of creating new ones. So idk. I actually don’t really keep up with Batman [because there are sooooo many] but I’m following the Requiem stuff just temporarily. Until I get bored I guess.

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